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Franchise Concept


We invite you to become our Franchise Partner!

Would you like to make a career out of your interest in tea? Are you someone with business sense and a desire to run the most successful speciality tea shop in your region? Are you prepared to support our marketing concept and share our enthusiasm for tea? We can offer you all the assistance you need to allow you to dedicate your time to your customers and the success of your business. You must also be prepared to accept compromises to make the partnership work.

What you expect from us

We would like to hear about your expectations and suggestions, your ideas on DEMMERS TEEHAUS Franchising and cooperation. The better we are aware of your aims and expectations, the more secure the foundation for building your future will be.

The strength of DEMMERS TEEHAUS Franchising

We offer you the opportunity to turn your passion for tea into a lucrative business operating as your own boss within a structured partnership system, with rights and obligations on both sides.

Your profile as a Franchisee

You are a tea-lover. You have business qualifications and experience. You are ambitious, highly motivated and like taking the initiative. You are aware of the fact that retail demands hours of hard work. You do not regard yourself as a back-room planner, you would rather be out front directly involved in sales. You know how to reconcile being your own boss with a unified market presence. You identify with our brand and our aims. You are prepared to work towards the growth of the DEMMERS TEEHAUS Franchising system. You have access to start-up capital.

Our view of partnership

We regard our business concept as a classic division of labour to develop synergies and strategies that establish the basis for maximizing profits for both sides. Rights as well as obligations are formulated and accepted. Our joint aim is to be the market leader in specialty tea retail at local and national level. Mutual trust provides the foundation for an open, creative and fruitful cooperation. The partners are assured of support from the DEMMER Head Office in Vienna, while we are confident that jointly agreed measures and targets will be implemented and followed.

Start Up Programme, we provide help with:

    • Choosing a location
    • Financial questions
    • Trial days
    • Profitability planning
    • Investment planning
    • Planning furnishings
    • Shop construction
    • Work experience
    • Tea training
    • Equipment and first order
    • Planning opening
    • Sales promotion



  • Annual meeting of all franchisees
  • Regular visits from the DEMMER Head Office and Master Franchisee
  • Discussion platform


    • Purchase of quality teas
    • Specialised range of products
    • Development of product range
    • Top laboratory-tested quality standards
    • Regular tea seminars with tasting


 Franchise logistics

  • Warehouse for tea and accessories
  • Organisation of communal purchasing
  • Weekly deliveries

Marketing plan

  • Maintaining the brand DEMMERS TEEHAUS
  • National PR
  • Design concepts and recommendations
  • Catering concepts