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Company History

Company History

We shall forgo a journey 4,700 years back in time, to the beginning of tea in China – instead we are going to take a quick look at the history of tea culture in Austria and the history of Demmers Teehaus – real-life tea culture honed for decades now!

Austrian tea culture

There are many various cultures of enjoyment around the world. For many a luxury, often far away from their producing countries. Tea is a typical example for that. In Austria, the imperial captain Christoph Carl Fernberger von Eggenberg reported on the “herb that the Chinese call tea” as early as 1624. And there is proof that in the first half of the 18th century, tea was served for breakfast to aristocracy in Lower Austria. While the bourgeoisie in Vienna organised exquisite tea parties, the broad populace appreciated tea, especially mixed with brandy or schnapps, as a warming beverage.
Vienna’s first specialist tea shop probably was “C. Trau’s Thee-Handlung”, established in 1850 by the immigrant apothecary Carl Trau. More teahouses and tea shops were established in the Danube metropolis, for example Pekarek.

Demmers Teehaus since 1981

Tea had always been fascinating to London-born Andrew Demmer. The idea of owning his own business also captured him. A bookseller friend of his at the Schottentor drew his attention to convenient premises close to the university, where a hairdresser was closing his shop. In 1981, the first Demmers Teehaus was established here, in the Mölker Bastei in the first district in Vienna. After a few years, additional chain shops were opened in Austria.

What was special about the brand Demmers Teehaus from the very beginning was the independent tea trade and, according to Andrew Demmer, “the development of numerous tea blends typical for Vienna, taking into account our taste and our tradition”.

Nowadays, Demmers Teehaus offers more than 300 different high-quality teas and many tea accessories. As of July 2011, we have ten chain shops in Austria, plus production and wholesale. Moreover, the company established a small but excellent network of chain shops in Hungary, Poland, Rumania, Slovakia, Finland and Japan. Demmers Teehaus not only exports Viennese tea specialties, but also “Austrian tea culture”.

As a member of the Austrian Coffee and Tea Association, a founding member of the Austrian Tea Institute and with its long experience in international trade and in the industry, Demmers Teehaus is a competent advisor for all matters concerning tea.

In addition to the sale to private customers, Demmers Teehaus supplies a growing number of restaurants and hotels with high-quality tea products. Leading coffee houses in Vienna, top-of-the-line hotels and high-end restaurants value the brand Demmers Teehaus as the exquisite tea culture in Austria.

The corporate culture is as important as the tea culture. Top-quality advice, the well-founded specialist know-how of all staff members and the high ethical company requirements form the company’s image – both internally and externally.