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As a registered regular customer, you collect automatic T-Points which will be credited to you for your online orders with immediate effect. For every 5 Euros purchase you receive 1 T-Point. Moreover, you can also collect valuable bonus points for other activities on tee.at – by registering as a customer or by recruiting new customers who register with us. For 20 T-Points you are credited with a 5 Euros discount off your next order. It pays off, save money without much effort!

It works like this

When you register as a regular customer, you receive 2 T-Points as a gift for joining up. Through various activities on our online shop you can collect further T-Points. For example through your purchases: for every 5 Euros you spend you receive 1 T-Point. Or for the recruitment of newly registered regular customers who then order something, you receive a whole 10 T-Points. Collected T-Points can not expire. Once you collected enough T-Points you may use them at any time.

How to redeem T-Points

Once you collected 20 T-Points you can redeem them to receive a EUR 5,- discount. T-Points can be redeemed in the order process. Please choose your desired items and go to “My Cart” to redeem the points. Click on the Button “Apply Points” and the order value will be recalculated. The Discount will be shown in the order overview. To complete the order please click on the Button “Proceed to Checkout“. After finishing all order Details click on the button “Place order now”.

T-Points einlösen_E

It is important that you’re logged in when ordering or you can’t collect any T-Points!

Those who are already registered as regular customers will still receive the joining up gift of 2 T-Points, which will be, so to speak, belatedly credited to you for your registration. But be aware that for registering as a regular customer you will only be credited with T-Points once, signing up and then cancelling will not help you to get any extra T-Points.

When you are logged in, you can easily check your T-Points bonus point balance under “My Account”, along with all orders and activities with which you have collected or redeemed T-Points up to now. Register now and collect points!