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The search function can be found in the header of the DEMMERS TEEHAUS online shop!

Simply enter your search keyword(s) and click on the magnifying glass symbol or press “Enter”. You can search with keywords or for a specific item by entering product name or number.


In all sections you can refine your search further with the filter. On the left side you find the filter function where you can specify your search with certain attributes or the origin country. By clicking “Yes” you will filter only products with a certain attribute like “Organic”, “Caffeine-Free”, “Fairtrade”, “Flavoured”, “Suitable for Iced Tea” or “Mild”. To remove the filter click on the “X” next to the attribute on the left.

Search result

Your search result can be optimized by changing the settings such as the amount of products per page or the order in the drop-down-menu above the search result.

Product not found

The search will only provide products that are currently available. If your favoured product can’t be found in the online shop please contact online@demmer.at or try your local DEMMERS TEEHAUS branch.