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Organic farming

Teas and ingredients from organic farming

Biologische Landwirtschaft

Organic Tea vs. Conventional Tea

In this complicated issue, consumers are often mislead by simplified headlines. Even experts from the media or from consumer interest organizations are not always aware of the far-reaching connections and interrelations. For reasons of health, scientists have looked into an enormous range of agricultural pesticides, heavy metals, interrelations between types of food, maximum amounts and their effects on health, methods of cultivation etc. The result: tea – whether from organic or conventional agriculture – is one of the cleanest and purest products on earth. We are taking this guarantee one step further with our extensive quality and control system. Due to our supporting production methods in favor of environment, people and nature, you will find more and more teas from organic agriculture in our range of products. With a view to quality, taste and purity, however, some conventional teas still have some advantage over organic teas.

The Official Organic Label

The Organic Label is the official label for ecological products. Our teas with the Organic Label originate from organic agriculture, based on the regulations of the EU-BIO-statutory order (“Statutory Order [EEC] No. 2092/91 concerning organic agriculture”).
These regulations specify the requirements for the production and control of organic products.  Thus, the Organic Label guarantees organic production criteria for production – and thus agricultural production methods that are in harmony with the environment. All DEMMER TEEHAUS teas labeled “Organic” are officially tested by the ‘Austria Bio Garantie’. Control Number: AT-BIO-301