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Quality Assurance

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To ensure impeccable quality of our products concerning residue and impurities we follow strict quality assurance processes. Essential part of our quality assurance is the laboratory testing. All teas are being checked for residue and impurities. Tea is one of the healthiest and cleanest foods in the world but a strict laboratory check is still important. During the quality assurance the teas are being tested in our partner laboratory in Germany for approx. 250 different substances and pesticides. We strive to remain at least one third lower than the regulated standard for residue. Our own high standard ensures we offer you tea of the highest Quality.

Responsible Examination

Due to the reactor catastrophe in Fukushima in 2011 there have been continuous examinations of radioactive contamination of foods by both Japanese and International authorities that were presented to the EU commission. These examinations support the assessments of the various prefectures in Japan which are made several times a year and are the base of legal regulations.

For five years there have been rigorous import controls and regulations from the EU. Only after extensive analysis goods and foods were cleared for import into Austria. This means that the goods from Japanese origin were both tested in our partner laboratory and by customs. Furthermore DEMMERS TEEHAUS decided to only purchase teas from the Island of Kyushu anymore, located approx. 1.000km further, to reduce risk as much as possible.

All tests have been delivering impeccable results without any radioactive contamination since then. This has improved the situation for tea to a state before the reactor accident and legally compulsory examination is only in place for certain foods anymore. Tea is not one of those foods and Japanese teas from all prefecture can be enjoyed without hesitation.

Since teas from all prefectures are now safe for consumption and free from residue again, DEMMERS TEEHAUS is now purchasing from other prefectures then Kyushu again as well, such as Kyoto, Aichi and Shizuoka.

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