Milky Oolong

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Exquisite, partly fermented Formosa Nai Xiang Oolong from Taiwan, refined with the complex distillation of real milk. Pale cup, with a very special, mild and naturally sweet and milky flavour. Multiple infusions possible.

taiwan oolong

Preperation recommendation 4-5/L 70°C 3 Min

100g (€128.00 / kg) €12.80
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Milky Oolong

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  • Milky Oolong
  • Milky Oolong


Additional Information
SKU 278
Origin Taiwan
Filling weight 100 g
Time to infuse 3 Min
Temperature 70°C
Proportioning 4-5/L
Cup Colour light
Mono/Blend Mono
Mild Yes

The leaves of Oolong tea are naturally flavored during processing with milk vapor and thus have a particularly creamy and soft, almost buttery taste. Therefore, this variety is almost like a dessert without calories. To emphasize the taste, you can eat caramel or chocolaty food. If that's too sweet, you can also combine nutty ingredients. Almonds, hazelnuts, but also bananas or cheese are a perfect match for the tea.