Japan Genmaicha

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Another kind of Japanese tea, made out of Sencha and roasted grains of rice. While the large leaves dry, grains of rice are mixed with them and roasted until crisp. Unique, pleasantly roasted, sweet and tart flavour.

japanese green tea, rice

Preperation recommendation 6/L 80°C 2 Min

100g (€76.00 / kg) €7.60
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Japan Genmaicha

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Additional Information
SKU 335
Origin Japan
Filling weight 100 g
Time to infuse 2 Min
Temperature 80°C
Proportioning 6/L
Infusions single
Cup Colour light
Mono/Blend Blend
Mild Yes

In this unique green tea, the puff rice grains are roasted together with the tea leaves during processing. This creates this fine-tart and full-bodied taste. The leaves make a nice yellow color in the cup and can be infused two to three times. Ideal for the preparation is 80°C hot water. If you infuse the tea several times, the water temperature can be increased slightly and the brewing time has to be reduced. Then already 1 to 1.5 minutes are long enough. At best, just try it and enjoy the taste intensity of each infusion. The green tea is also suitable for refining food, such as rice. Put the loose tea in a paper tea filter and add it to the rice in the pot. The grains get a delicious, roasted taste of green tea. Shrimp or shrimp can also be flavored with this green tea.