Japan Gyokuro Asahi

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Delicious, prime quality from Japanese shade manufacture. The deep green and luscious tea leaf is rolled into fine needles and has a silky smooth texture. Produces a fruity, pale green cup with wonderful, fresh umami flavour.

japanese green tea

Preperation recommendation 4/L 60°C 1-2 Min

100g (€258.00 / kg) €25.80
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Japan Gyokuro Asahi

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  • Japan Gyokuro Asahi
  • Japan Gyokuro Asahi
  • Japan Gyokuro Asahi


Additional Information
SKU 300
Origin Japan
Filling weight 100 g
Time to infuse 1-2 Min
Temperature 60°C
Proportioning 4/L
Cup Colour light
Mono/Blend Mono
Mild Yes

The specialty of this premium tea lies in a very rare step during cultivation which is only used on a few teas: shading. The tea bushes are being covered with nets that barely let light through, just before harvest for a while. The lack of sunlights causes stress in the plant and therefore a higher production of beneficia contents, especially chlorophyll which is the cause of the intense green colour. This unique method provided a very intense Umami flavour which is why it is mostly found in Japan where the Umami of a tea is highly significant for its quality. The Gyokuro is not only delicious as a hot tea, but also as a cold infusion. Especially with the Cold Brew method of preparation you will get a very refreshing ice tea. Just put the loose tea leaves in a pot, pour over cold water and put in the fridge for about 6 hours. The aromas dissolve very slowly in the cold water from the leaves and it creates a mild, fresh green iced tea, which is not bitter or harsh at all.