Mango Passion

Pure Iced Tea Passion with Black Tea and Mango! Prepare the hot tea, pour it through ice cubes and put it into the refrigerator. Refine it with Mango and Lemon juice, mix it with mineral water and serve it with ice.

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Mango Passion

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  • Mango Passion


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Filling weight 100 g

This delicious Black Tea blend is perfectly suited for Iced Tea. The first Iced Tea ever created was made from Black Tea and is still the essential classic with peach or lemon. "Mango Passion" is blended from Black Teas from Sri Lanka that are known for their tangy taste. The blend is further refined with mango flavouring and fruity mango pieces. Its flavour can be enhanced even more with mango juice for an exotic summer beverage. Combined with fresh mango pieces, lemon slices and peppermint garnish this Iced Tea turns into a fruity punch. Mix with sparkling wine or rum for a delicate cocktail. Ingredients: Black Tea, mango pieces, sunflower blossom and flavouring.