Organic Balance

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Delicate and lightly sweet herbal blend of fennel, anisseed, rooibos, honeybush, lemon myrtle and caraway from organic farming. Especially beneficial after an expanisve meal.

fennel*, anis*, rooibos*, honeybush*, caraway*, lemon myrtle*

Preperation recommendation 5-6/L 100°C 5-8 Min

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Organic Balance

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Additional Information
SKU 592
Filling weight 100 g
Time to infuse 5-8 Min
Temperature 100°C
Proportioning 5-6/L
Infusions single
Cup Colour light
Mono/Blend Blend
Organic Yes
Caffeine Free Yes
Mild Yes

Discover this fine blend with selected ingredients that are particularly digestible. Fennel and anise can have a soothing effect on the body. Both plants are known for their anticonvulsant effect and can be helpful in indigestion, such as flatulence and constipation. The contained essential oils strengthen the stomach and have a positive effect on kidneys and bladder. These positive effects can be useful after luscious food, but also support fasting or detox cures. Since you can usually only take water and herbal tea for such cures, the Organic Balance blend is well suited. Because in the infusion, it has a wholesome, slightly sweet note, which is produced by the fennel, anise, but also rooibos and honeybush. But the tea not only tastes especially good during a fasting cure, it can also be enjoyed as a thirst quencher. Due to the digestibel note, the tea is also very popular with children.