Organic China Lung Ching

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Dragon Well tea is a Chinese speciality from the Zhejiang province. The fresh leaves are carefully plucked and gently heated in pans. Produces a mild, spicy taste and scented notes with a pale yellow-green cup. From organic agriculture.

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Preperation recommendation 6/L 70°C 2 Min

100g (€124.00 / kg) €12.40
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Organic China Lung Ching

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  • Organic China Lung Ching
  • Organic China Lung Ching


Additional Information
SKU 264
Origin China
Filling weight 100 g
Time to infuse 2 Min
Temperature 70°C
Proportioning 6/L
Infusions single
Cup Colour light
Mono/Blend Mono
Organic Yes
Mild -

Long Jing or Lung Ching is a green tea that comes from the region of Longjing and is named after the growing area. This area is also known as the Dragon Well or Dragon Well and so the tea is often translated as Dragoon Well Tea. According to legend, more than 1,000 years ago a dragon lived in a well near the tea gardens, which caused enough rain. This is how this fine tea was made. Today it is known as one of the best green teas from China, because the taste is uniquely mild. Due to the high content of amino acids, the taste is not bitter. These are whole tea leaves, which are also roasted after drying. These come in a kind of wok pan and the leaves are pressed by hand on the hot pan edge. This is how the flat, elongated leaves are created.