Assam Broken TGBOP

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An outstandingly balanced, black broken tea from Assam. The infusion produces a classically dark cup with many variants of spices which last for the whole finish without getting bitter. Ideal when drunk with milk.

indian black tea

Preperation recommendation 4-5/L 100°C 2-4 Min

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Assam Broken TGBOP

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During the process of tea, in addition to the whole leaf and other leaf sizes, als broken tea is developed. The advantage is that the flavors and the color is faster going over into the hot water and it produces a full-bodied, strong black tea. Assam tea is especially known for its spicy, malty and aromatic taste. Through the milk, the aromas are enhanced and the infusion receives a fine caramel note. This tea is perfect for breakfast as an alternative to coffee. This variety can also be used excellently as a base for iced tea or punch. Prepare the hot black tea, pour over ice cubes and sweeten as desired or refine with fruit juice, such as peach juice. As a hot punch the Assam Broken can be prepared hot. Simmer spices such as cinnamon, cloves, aniseed or orange peels and refine with orange juice.