Organic Gunpowder

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This is one of the most popular green teas in the world, owes its name to the British, because of its look. The spherical, rolled leaf from organic agriculture produces a robust, fresh and strong flavour with light smoky note.

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Preperation recommendation 6/L 80°C 2 Min

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Organic Gunpowder

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This Chinese tea has been rolled into small balls and from the similarity to the bullets of gunpowder the British have derived the name Gunpowder. The scrolling of the leaves is a typical processing of oolong teas and was taken from there. The rolled sheets have the advantage that they are less likely to break and are therefore particularly well suited for transport. When infusing you have the advantage that the aroma is released only gradually by opening the leaves and so several infusions are possible. Gunpowder tea is not only drunk in China, but also in the Moroccan tea culture. The green tea leaves are often mixed with fresh mint and prepared. This has a cooling and refreshing effect, especially at hot temperatures.