Ginger Spice

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Premium, chopped ginger rootstock from China which produces a sharp and spicy flavour in infusion. Wonderful for cooking OR for mixing with other teas, produces an ideal drink for summery temperatures and the cold seasons.

ginger pieces

Preperation recommendation 5-6/L 100°C 5-8 Min

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Ginger Spice

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Ginger is a root that is a true allround talent. Whether as a tea or spice for food, ginger tastes spicy and has a warming effect. The dried ginger pieces can be infused with hot water, but can also be used to refine other teas. Just add a few pieces to black or green tea and enjoy the pleasant sharpness. Pure ginger tea can also be refined with lemon juice or a little honey. But other herbs and spices also go very well with the flavor - mix ginger with mint, turmeric, lemon balm or lemongrass. Due to the refreshing taste, ginger can be enjoyed as iced tea as well! In folk medicine ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory, invigorating and digestive effects due to the contained essential oils and pungent ingredients. Therefore, it can help against a feeling of cold.