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Discover the world of Tea! In our TEA MAGAZINE we collect content on all things Tea. Since the founding of DEMMERS TEEHAUS in 1981 and our online shop in 1997 we have collected a great archive of articles and recipes that we are putting online over time. Twice a year we publish DAS TEEBLATT – the paper on Tea & Indulgence” (published just in German) in which we present fascinating tea stories, delicious recipes and tasty tea knowledge. Visit our TEABLOG and discover captivating travelogues from tea growing areas around the world and get interesting information on tea cultures, preparation and everything else concerning tea. Don’t miss our latest offers! Subscribe to our NEWSLETTER and discover new products, finest blends and delicious offers. If you wish to contact us send an email to online@demmer.at or leave us a note on FACEBOOK or GOOGLE+! We look forward to your feedback and commentary! Make sure to never miss one of our culinary sweepstakes again!

 Enjoy catching up with us and we wish you relaxing Tea times,