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It does not take a rocket of science to prepare a delicious cup of tea. But with a few simple “cornerstones for good tea” it is sufficient to prepare the very best quality tea. The basic product tea should be of an adequate quality.

The basic product tea should be of an adequate quality. The pre-requisite is high-quality tea, its freshness and correct storage.

Always use fresh water to make tea. Let the water run for 20 seconds before using it for tea water. There are good filtering systems available on the market, giving you fresh, fil-tered water right away. The best water is water from mountain springs at high altitudes. As a rule, the softer the water, the better the tea. The flavour is stronger and you need less tea for the same flavour.

Tea should always be infused with 100°C boiling hot water. This is particularly important for fruit and herbal teas, in order to have safe food. The only exception are green teas, some light Oolongs and white teas. Only green tea must not be doused in boiling hot wa-ter, as it tends to turn bitter if it is. For green tea, we recommend a temperature between 60° and 80°C, depending on the type. The easiest way is to mix boiling water with cold wa-ter at the respective ratio.

Normally, all teas may be prepared with a steeping time of 3 minutes.green teas or Oolong teas should steep for a shorter period of time, 1 to 3 minutes, and stronger tea varieties, normally black teas, for a longer period, approx. 3 to 5 minutes. Allow 5 minutes for all fruit teas, herbal teas and rooibos teas.