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Iced Tea


Recipes for Iced Tea

In 1904 Ice tea was “invented” by accident on the world exhibition in St. Louis, USA. Next to the newest technical and modern comforts, the Englishmen wanted to present the Americans the trend beverage of Europe – “Black Tea”. Until then in the USA there was only Green Tea popular, so the young Brit Richard Blechynden should promote teas from Ceylon and India, but nobody was interested in a warm drink on this darned hot summer day. Therefore he decided to serve the tea with ice cubes – the enthusiasm was big and the beverage “iced tea” was born!
Since then you can enjoy iced tea almost all over the world. Curiously, the really great iced tea boom starts in Europe almost a hundred years later. Today over 80% of the consumed tea in the USA can be enjoyed as iced tea. Since the beginning of the 90s the iced tea consumption increases continuously..

Traditionally the Iced Tea is made with Black Tea, sugar and lemon juice. Meanwhile, there are countless varieties – recipes with Green Tea, Rooibos- or Fruittea. Most of the Iced Teas from the supermarket contain a lot of sugar. Save calories and prepare your own favorite Iced Tea. The basic is high-quality tea, which will be prepared with hot water and poured over ice cubes. Refine it with mint leaves, lemon slices, fresh fruits or fruit juices.

Especially Rooibos or Fruit Infusions are perfect for Kids, because these varieties do not contain caffein and Rooibos has naturally a sweet taste and you can avoid to add sugar. Alternatively we advise to sweeten with honey, Agave syrup or fruit Juices.

We have collected several delicious recipes for you! Try it on your own and enjoy it!