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Lovely Lychee Iced Tea

Infuse the Black Tea Assam Golden Tips with 100°C hot water for 4 minutes. Pour the hot tea through plenty of ice cubes and mix it with the lychee juice and the mineral water. Take some of the lychee fruits from the tin and give them to the tea mixture and put it into the refridgerator. If you serve the iced tea put it into the glasses and refine it with the lemongras stalk. You can cut one stalk into two pieces and spike 1 or 2 lychee fruits.Put the lychee lemongras stalk into the glass.

Tipp: For decoration you can break 2-3 rose buds and put them as a topping on the ice tea.

*Alternatively you can also use the chinese Black Tea China Keemun Finest, which has a lightly sweet taste or the flavoured Black Tea China Rosetea, which is refined with rose petals and rose flavour.

Ingredients for 4 glasses:

  • 12g Assam Goldentips
  • 1/2l water
  • 1/2l mineral water
  • 400ml Lychee juice
  • 1 tin Lychees
  • Lemongrass
  • ice cubes