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Sugar-free strawberry lemonade

Make the tea infusion beforehand. Put the loose strawberry-thyme tea in a filter and pour boiling water over it. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then let it cool.

As soon as the tea has cooled you can make the sugar-free strawberry lemonade. Remove the fresh strawberries from the stalk and put them in a measuring cup. Alternatively, you can use frozen strawberries.

Puree the strawberries with the juice of a lemon and add some high quality stevia if you like it sweeter. Now add the tea infusion to the strawberry puree and puree again. Finally add the mineral water and stir well.

Divide the sugar-free strawberry lemonade into 2-3 glasses and garnish the glasses as desired, for example with a slice of lemon, a strawberry and some thyme. Use a few frozen strawberries as ice cubes.

You can also pour the sugar-free strawberry lemonade into a screw-top jar and keep it in the fridge for later. Stir well again before enjoying.