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Black Tea Mojito

black mojito

Wash and slice the strawberries into pieces. Wash the mint and pluck the leaves from the stalk. Put one to two shots of the ice tea syrup Black Lime into a glass and fill it with fresh, cold water. Put the White rum, the strawberry pieces and the mint leaves into it and mix it. Put ice cubes into the glass and serve it with a whole strawberry as decoration.

As you like you can sweeten your mojito with Brown sugar, but note that the iced tea syrup already contains Fructose.

Alternative: instead of the ice tea syrup you can use loose Black Tea. Suitable is for example the fruity, creamy variety “Strawberry Cream”. Infuse 4-5g Black Tea with 100°C hot water (300ml) for 3 minutes. Pour the tea through ice cubes and mix it with the other ingredients. Serve it cold!

For 1 glass you need: