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Vodka Rooibos

Put one or two shots of the Organic iced tea syrup Red Cranberry in a glass and fill it with the sparkling water. Put vodka and the Juice of the two lemons into it and refine it with the maple syrup (alternatively you can use Agave syrup). Deocrate it with cranberries. Also suitable are fresh mint leaves or rosemary. Serve it with ice cubes.

Please note that the iced tea syrup contains Fructose and maybe you do not have to sweeten the Cocktail!

Alternatively you can also use loose Rooibos instead of the iced tea syrup. Suitable are the varieties Rooibos Classic or fruity blends like Rooibos Cherry or Rooibos Green Cranberry Acerola. Infuse 5g Rooibos with 100°C hot water (200ml) for 5-8 minutes and pour it through ice cubes. Then mix it with the sparkling water and the other ingridients.

For 1 glass you need: