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Matcha Recipes

Matcha Tee_Rezepte

Matcha – the green tea powder – has been used for over 800 years in the Japanese tea ceremony. Matcha was an insider’s tip a few years ago but today is quite the trend. The diverse powder is also great for baking and cooking, as discovered by the food industry. New delicacies with Matcha are created continuously. Mostly Japan and the USA love Matcha recipes and create ice cream, chocolates, cookies, sorbets and other treats with the delicious green powder.

The finely ground tea powder used to be a meditation beverage for Buddhist monks. It is not only one of Japans oldest but also most rare, premium teas. To grow and process the selected leaves of Guyokuro or Tencha it takes a lot of skill and experience. As a beverage Matcha is prepared with water and foamed with a Matcha whisk. Its taste is slightly sweet and mid but at the same time intense and stimulating. The infusion as well as the powder have an intense and stunning jade green color, that is preserved during cooking.