Tropic Sunshine

Sunshine from your cup! Prepare the Green Sencha Tea with peach pieces with hot water, pour it through ice cubes and put it in the refrigerator. Peel, cut and freeze fresh peaches. Refine the iced tea with lime syrup and serve it with the iced peaches.

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Tropic Sunshine

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  • Tropic Sunshine


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SKU 00-09541
Origin China
Filling weight 100 g

This Green Tea from China has a fresh and slightly tart flavour. The peach pieces with their fruity flavour it makes for a summery taste. Discover this especially refreshing Iced Tea creation. Green Tea is naturally cooling for the body. With the addition of fresh peach pieces or some peach juice you bring some sweetness to the Iced Tea without need for any added sugar. To make it even more refreshing refine the Iced Tea with some lime juice. Ingredients: Green Tea from China, peach pieces, marigold blossom and flavouring.